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I haven't noticed any issues with notifications either. My phone's on silent/vibrate most of the time so can't comment on the ring tone issue though I do remember testing it and it worked for me when I installed.

The only thing(s) that come to mind so far:

A noticeable 'lag' when starting some programs. I'll start the program then have to wait before it'll open. I know this phone isn't quick, but it seems longer than the stock image. Often the program crashes will correct themselves if I select 'wait' instead of 'force close'

I tried a few experiments, rebooting between each:

- Turned off the JIT compiler, then turned it back on.
- Resized the VM Heap setting one 'tick' above, then below what Cyanogen has it set as.
- Installed SD Card Speed Increase, and set that to one 'tick' above and below what Cyanogen sets it as.

I have most programs installed to SD Card, hence the last experiment.

Force closes and APP start up times seem to decrease the more those APPS are run. They seem to enjoy a 'burn in' time. Odd, or maybe it's just me.

Over all I think PandaBomb's given us a great port of hroark13's Prevail ROM and hope they can both work together to perfect it for us.

I've checked the thread on the Prevail forum but I don't see much on the above mentioned. Do they have the same issue? Is it just my phone?

I understand they're almost identical phones but would there be any phone specific settings on the Precedent?
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