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Originally Posted by 916x10 View Post
Not so much....the internal memory is not recognized as the phones sdcard and is not where pics are stored. The phones internal memory is for apps only and is not accessible to us for anything else, including pictures. The folder name where pics taken with the oem camera app is correct though, but thats located on the sdcard. The Atrix 2 doesnt have partitions ur speaking of as the internal storage and sdcard storage are two different mediums, internal being non-removable and sdcard being removable.
Any Android Phone with greater than 2 GB of internal memory has it patritioned into two separate areas. One is the system partition where apps and user information is stored, the other is for data and is mounted at /sdcard. That, to the Android OS is the "sdcard" even though it's not actually a physical card. It is also the location where user data is placed by default.

The confusion is calling the internal data partition as "sdcard" which is a hold over from the days when phones did not have much internal memory. Trust me, /sdcard is the sd card location whether it is removable or not.
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