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Originally Posted by GunmetalX View Post
Hi, I just got an Atrix 2 on AT&T about a week ago. I'm running the Gingerbread update and have not rooted the phone, I've just installed a handful of apps and widgets and that's it.

I'm having a problem with my GMail not syncing. I am using the current version of the GMail app from the Market.

If I'm on Wi-Fi and the phone's been idle for maybe 20-30 mins, it won't sync (i.e., I won't get notified on a new e-mail) unless I press a button on the phone.

If I'm on cellular data (Wi-Fi disabled, or no Wi-Fi available), it won't sync *at all* unless I actually go into the GMail app or if I go into Settings/Accounts and force a sync.

I've tried multiple combinations of the following settings and I still can't get it to change behavior:

- WiFi Sleep Policy
- Battery Saver/Nighttime saver vs. Performance mode
- Battery & data manager/Data Saver/Enabled vs. Disabled

Background data and Data are enabled. I've got "Sync over Wi-Fi only" disabled, and Data delivery frequency set to "Automatic (Push)."

I've also tried toggling off-then-on the Sync settings for my Google account.

Can anyone help? Not sure what else I can try. I don't think it should be too much to ask for the phone to notify me when I get new e-mails, but sometimes I don't find out until hours later.

IIRC, it won't notify you immediately unless the app is running, I believe the fastest sync schedule is every 15 minutes.

Make sure your phone is still set on Data Push and not a Fetch Schedule.

Go to: Settings/Data Manager/Data Delivery/Email and Corporate Sync/Email Delivery

Make sure Data Push is checked. You may also want to look at the Sync over Wi-Fi only option to make sure it is not activated.
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