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Default Has the merry-go-round stopped?

Good morning all. Thought I would update youse on my Nexus saga. I don't remember if I mentioned that I had two one-way audio issues yesterday? Once when I called my mother in the early afternoon and once last night talking with a friend. Those dropped calls, along with the reddish display, and having to compare two job offers (long story for another post), I just didn't have the mental energy to call Verizon last night.

Before calling Verizon this morning, I went to unlock my phone and it didn't respond to touch. Weird... tried it again, and the phone rebooted itself. I've never, ever had that problem before and thought it strange. I called Verizon and explained, again, my story to the rep. I explained that I've sent back three "certified like-new" replacements and I want a new phone. He checked a few things and said, let's do a few troubleshooting steps with your phone. I have to admit, I rolled my eyes but said okay, I'll play the game.

He had me power it off, wait about 10 seconds, power it back on, and he made a test call to me. No issue. So he says he feels confident my problem is fixed. I said the polite version of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? He told me there were several complaints of dropped calls and other issues related to my tower yesterday afternoon and those problems were fixed at approximately 8:30 AM today... which was almost exactly the same time my phone locked up and rebooted. He said that when we rebooted the phone, it automatically updated to the latest towers, roaming capabilities, etc. I said I don't have to do *228, option 1 to update my towers? He said no, LTE phones do that automatically upon power-up.

I said fine, I'll give it a try but the first time I have the one-way audio issue again, I'm calling back and I want a new Nexus. He said no problem, he made the notation on my account for an early upgrade and I said I don't want another phone, I want the Nexus and he said no problem. I didn't think about it until after I hung up but I hope "early upgrade" doesn't mean I'd have to pay for a Nexus. I don't think so, and I really don't feel like calling Verizon back right now to confirm.

Could the problems with the tower have been the root cause of my issues? It's possible because I live ~3 miles from where I work - probably less as the crow flies - so that means I'm on the same tower at work and at home, and that means 95% of the phone calls I make are when I'm connected to the same tower. I explained to the guy that I've been having these problems since Day 1 with my Nexus and he said it's possible that these problems existed for a while but no one reported them before now. Doesn't say much about me since I've been complaining about this for a while now.

That's the latest. We'll see what happens! Not holding my breath lest I turn blue, but I'm still willing to play the game.
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