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Originally Posted by Lucky Armpit View Post
He had me power it off, wait about 10 seconds, power it back on, and he made a test call to me. No issue. So he says he feels confident my problem is fixed. I said the polite version of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? He told me there were several complaints of dropped calls and other issues related to my tower yesterday afternoon and those problems were fixed at approximately 8:30 AM today... which was almost exactly the same time my phone locked up and rebooted. He said that when we rebooted the phone, it automatically updated to the latest towers, roaming capabilities, etc. I said I don't have to do *228, option 1 to update my towers? He said no, LTE phones do that automatically upon power-up.

I truly hope that fixes it for you. I guess it's plausible that it's a tower issue. However, I would think if it's a tower issue, nearly everyone using that tower would experience it, and there would be more people screaming about it.

I think mine was definitely a phone issue. I had the one way audio issue quite a few times on my new phone, even after replacing the sim card in it. However, it's yet to happen on this phone, and I've made a few hundred calls on it. Same towers, same locations. I live in Huntersville, work in Charlotte, and I don't experience that problem at all anymore.

Anyway, good luck on getting your phone working for you! I just know when you do get it 'just right', that you'll be very glad you stuck with the Nexus!
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