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Originally Posted by smartkiddy18 View Post
Please find below the screen shots i managed to take while executing the various steps. Kindly have a look over them.. Also, can u pls mention the link to your post / youtube video?!?!
Ah sorry dude, i was commenting on a post where the person had the same problem and i thought i was commenting for that thread


Thanks alot dude that really helps me, ive decided to dedicate this post to solutions to problems people might occur, have you installed android sdk????
Here is a link that might help LINK HERE, video in my post aswell


1) ADB is not recognised as an internal or external command
(For smartkiddy18)The link is here:
How to install Android ADB/USB Drivers - YouTube

1) Follow the link here to install ADB (I cant explain it in detail because i cant remember the exact file your need from sdk and the location to put them in in your pc) - Try to continue your rooting if this works then the next step is unnecessary
2) Follow the video

2) unrEVOked - Is your firmware too new?

Basically you are running Froyo (Android 2.1/2.21), but you should have downgraded to Eclair (Android 2.1) - Use the RUU, when you have followed the previous steps to downgrade your ROM, make sure your leave your device alone and in a safe place where the cable wont be pulled from your device

3) Validation error, backup CID is missing

You might be using unrEVOked version 3.32, which always displays that error for Wildfire for some reason, just download unrEVOked version 3.2 and that should work
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