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Literally hundreds of people have used Aldiko based on my recommendations beginning in July 2010.

A short while back they "updated" it with feature changes until I couldn't stand it for the lack of utility so I bailed on it.

This last week, chanchan05 (member here) turned me on to this and I cannot say enough good things about it -

All of the Project Gutenberg features work, just enter this url as one of your feeds - PG Mobile (that's m dot gutenberg dot org)


Lucky Armpit - I regret saying this, but I'm having trouble with the tower theory.

It's possible that trouble has existed on that tower and no one has complained until quite recently. But I'm not seeing one-way call issues elsewhere on our forums, and I while there's lots that I don't see, I do see more phone forums than many. Because you're not the only one here reporting the issue, this leaves us with two scenarios:

Either there are several areas having this issue and no one has reported them to Verizon yet and no one except a few Nexus owners have brought it up on our forums - or - there was a short run of Nexii with a bug.

I could be wrong, I often am, I hope for your sake that I am, but I'm going with choice 2, especially as he made no attempt to ask you to try for a few days now that tower service has happened.

I'll keep a good thought and hope that your next phone works just fine, I'm sure you want that more than me!

As for the coincidence in time between that tower going screwy and your phone rebooting, I'd like to know more about that. When you're on 4G, both your CDMA and LTE radios are both fully active - I imagine that some set of signals might confuse a phone until it reacts that way, but if so - wow!
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