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I only saw it twice, but I'll never forget Tom Baker and The Master at Raselon's tower/tomb. Fan-tastic.

And when in the modern series, that whole arc revealed the machinations of Raselon, I was besides myself - now that was great Who!

Originally Posted by agentc13 View Post
I started with the new ones (9th Doctor) but have seen a decent amount of the older ones. I hope to watch all of them at some point, but it can be hard to get my hands on some of them.
Yep, without scouring down and buying them, they're very hard to come by.

Really gripes me, I'd gladly like to pull up one of the oldies once in a while on the web and just watch, and I'd be ok with commercials to support the effort.

Until last year, you could watch the entire Babylon 5 series on the web at - they got popular, went into DVD and got pulled from the web. It's one of my other favorite series but after seeing it several times, no, I don't want to collect the DVDs and have them acquire dust.

Some stuff, you just want to enjoy as television.

For the longest time here in the US, the only way we could watch The Doctor was on our public broadcast system (our educational TV network). I started donating to PBS strictly because of Doctor Who. Now we get them on BBCAmerica and that's ok, but in my case, I keep seeing the ads for BBCA HD - but still can't get it.

Anyway - the modern series had consistency blown me away, starting with Eccleston (a fine actor). In him, the Doctor's rage really shows thru. Didn't expect to like Tennant, but quickly found his take on the Doctor to be really excellent.

This latest Matt guy - Smith - is just another Sylvester McCoy in my book.

Then again - when I was getting my mind blown by Tom Baker and they were showing little specials during the PBS fundraisers, all of the person-on-the-street interviews in the UK had everyone saying that Baker was ok and Pertwee was the Real Deal.

They used to say that your first Doctor will always be your favorite and for the longest time with Baker, that was hands-down true. Now, I put Eccleston and Tennant in his class, so I guess that you just never know about these things.
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