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Originally Posted by G.adams22 View Post
Well, I have just officially read that none of the
devices at MWC will hit VZW...shame. MWC is
mainly for gsm boys...
Have to wait for CTIA...
Looks like all we have to look forward to is the
Dinc3/fireball, lg cayman and Droid fighter,
whatever that's gonna be, hitting VZW...
Shame, none of the HTC one series will hit VZW...
I got an upgrade coming 7/28/12...

Droid fighter might actually be the Dinc3/fireball...maybe...
It was on hTC's code name list... Fighter that is...
oh you son of a bish lol ... i began reading this and was about to link to it in our other thread, then i see you are the poster ahahaa

our minds are on the same path ....

and heres my image im posting everywhere lol:
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