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Nothing monumental to announce here, but I just got off the phone with an acquaintance that is a rep for Verizon. In this thread, the statement was made that Verizon reps probably don't know much more than us at this point, but at the same time they may know more before we do. Here's what he had to say. . . . .
Due to the multitouch bug (among others) with the Nexus 1, Verizon has delayed the release until next month, possible the end of this month. (I know this has happened before with other releases through Verizon, so I tend to believe there's some truth to his statement. Verizon is well known for delaying releases until all known bugs have been worked out.)
He also told me that I will be able to buy the Nexus 1 through Verizon and they will offer support for the phone.
Unfortunately, as far as the Incredible is concerned, he has only heard of it, but been told absolutely nothing from Verizon.
He asked me to let him know if I hear more about either phone and he said he would call me the moment he knows anything more.
Take it with a grain of salt, but here's hoping he comes through for me (us). He also told me that once he receives any feedback from Verizon's testers, he'll fill me in and advise me one way or another.
At the very least, hopefully I planted a little bug in his ear and maybe he can squeeze some info from his supervisors, reps, etc.
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