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Originally Posted by UKCatFan View Post
Quick question. Do you have to be at version 2.3.4 for this to work? I have been rooted all along, but I am happy to stay at version 2.2 and really do not have a desire for a custom ROM. If this is the only way then I might though. I am picking up a 3G sometimes in the Cape Coral area (above Ft. Myers), but when I do it actually decreases my performance.
By performance do you mean that internet speeds decreased? If that's the case, are you on PRL 3026??? Also if you are connected to 1x it will decrease performance slightly.
If by performance you mean that the phone itself slows down, then why not upgrade to stock 2.2.2 and root again?? I know that stock 2.2.1 is a bit laggy and 2.2.2 is very stable. Idk about 2.2
And it should work whether your on stock or custom ROM
Ok, you want help? I am here to help. But if you can't read, I can't really help you.
Why on earth would anyone help someone who does not read? This is a forum, the purpose of it is to read.
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