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Originally Posted by AntimonyER View Post
I also have a degree in Aero Eng, although I have stuck with a career doing just that. But all the companies vary in their methods, so basically you have to learn everything over again anyways. I really think in the technical fields, Co-ops, internships, and apprenticeships are so much more valuable than classroom based learning, for both student (actual hands on experience) and company (relatively cheap labor).

Right now I am taking my Master's degree, but it was set up with input from my company, and is much more useful to my daily job than a general Master's program at a university.

So I just wanted to say to everyone here, CONGRATS! We have passed the Droid Incredible Lounge! Less than three months, and they have been around for nearly two years! If interest at AF is any sign of the awesomeness of a phone, there is no doubt which is best
Hey y'all,

Thought I might add to this portion of the discussion as my life's path lends relevance to it.

I will be 30 on June 21 (takes a bow ) and have yet to complete a bachelor's degree. While I could be upset at myself for failing to reach that once easily viable goal, I am not. For many reasons I left college just after the start of year three. I realized that I had not been ready for college and needed time to find me. What transpired changed the course of my life forever. I picked up some really bad habits and at one point owned nothing more than an acoustic guitar and a weeks worth of clothing. When I finally said, "Enough!" I began my life's intended journey...

...I worked two jobs for a year straight, 60-70 hours a week, to pay off debt and save money. One of those jobs was as a barista for a globally recognized coffee company. I am still employed with that company today, though no longer at an entry position. And I have finally gotten to a place in life in which I am willing, able and ready to finish the education I prematurely started.

Why is this relevant you ask? In my company, one of the key drivers of successful performance are the distinguishing behaviors that drive one to work well with another. I cannot stress its importance in both customer relations and employee relationships. And in my life's experience, managing a group of young people around respect and dignity for each other did not come to me via college. I learned that stuff the hard way. And by no means do I believe I can't be learned in college. I also encourage higher education. I am taking that leap again myself this very year.

Thanks for listening.

To those affected by mother nature in its ugliest form, my family is thinking of and praying for you. My wife and I have been following it on television.

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