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My degree is mechanical engineering. Because I grew up in an aerospace hotbed, I didn't want any part of the business due to its cyclical nature and not so wonderful workplace morale. Sadly, that's all that was hiring when I graduated all those years ago. So that's what I do. As for college, first you do need to learn both technical, or, hard skills, and intrapersonal skills. But I was forced to take all of these useless humanities classes that have had exactly zero bearing on any part of my life, in or out of work. And in engineering, you are taught theoretical stuff and some analysis, but very little design, and most jobs are in design. I agree with whomever said internships are the best solution. I had one, and it's amazing how much better the new grads tend to be that have done that.

Having said all that, college isn't for everyone. Trade school is best for some, military for others, etc. And sometimes it's just timing. I think we put way too much emphasis on going straight to college after high school here, when getting some real life lessons would do a lot of people a lot of good.
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