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Originally Posted by IHateMyTreo View Post
Thanks Early, that's the way it appears to be headed. The girls she met yesterday were quite welcoming - no Black Swans - so they will be a great support system, live and work together. And +1 on the video chats, although I can only imagine that the bedroom "in camera view" will be the only clean part of the room

Archaeology - very cool. My mom was a professional digger. Central America and Middle East. Collaborated with some of the greats. Where did your daughter dig? Does she still dig?
Daughter of one of our friends went to Alvin Ailey Homepage | Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at about that age, she was 16 or 17 as I recall. Four years ago, seems like yesterday we were all pulling for her. Cirque du Soleil signed her.

My kid went on Native American historical digs about 1400 miles from here. She wanted field experience so she wouldn't end up classified as strictly a lab type, as she was all about lab foresensics for archeology. I think that I have one of the few kids that hung out at an autopsy lab when she was 15 and 16. Took a while to get her to not discuss her favorite autopsies at dinner without hurting her feelings.

Despite her firm plans to work in archeology or anthropology, she changed her mind and now works in a genetics lab.
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