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Originally Posted by getnbzy View Post
Hello Gnex watering hole folks,

I need some advice. I am moving to an area where my present service provider (T-mo) gets basically either no service or 1 bar of g...not 3g or even e lol. Not a big fan of the big VZ but they do have the best coverage so I don't have much choice. Now onto phone choice. Yes I am posting in this thread so ya'll probably know which phone I have my eye on...especially since I have had ICS on my vibrant for a bit now and love it.

But have read on here that some are experiencing some audio issues and other problems. So before I pull the trigger on the nexus what does the community think or feel about this phone? Should I be looking for a date on the phone that is mfg newer so that I may get an issue free phone. I need to buy in the next couple of weeks so if anyone has heard about any upcoming specials and could pass them along I'd appreciate it? Thanks and look forward to your opinions.
Some people have had issues with their GNex, but for me it is undoubtedly the best phone I've ever owned. The only problem I have with it is keeping it away from my iPhone wife who now wants to trade phones.

As an extra incentive, VZW is currently offerring double data for new customers. Not as good as unlimited, but 4GB/mo for $30 ain't bad.
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