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Default This thread is about installing file locally stored on PC

Originally Posted by kalyan@s5570 View Post
hi guys,

i have a android phone. i have opened the website android market and trying to install the apps on my phone. however i got the message that "the application will be sent to your phone shortly" the application was never sent to my phone.. please advise on how to install the apps on my phone by accessing the android market on pc
FYI Thread title is =How to install android applications from computer (local file) to phone.

There are no tricks on using the marketplace- When accessing the marketplace thru your pc IIRC, you select file- and it's sent directly to the phone.

When doing so (unlike having a file stored on YOUR PC) You are totally at the mercy of the marketplace file servers, website/server issues, improperly linked files.... APPS that have been deleted from the marketplace.

Whoever controls the marketplace controls you. If the marketplace goes bye-bye one day, Or a app is pulled you're out of luck.

Bought a Windows Mobile .6.5.3 phone -within a week find out Microsoft was closing the "Martketplace". (Hence why I'm a fan of the Android Marketplace- *I'd prefer to download the app to my PC and install it from there-instead of have it installed direct from the marketplace.)

Will Google shut down the marketplace at some point? No, as most all the software tracks all your movements, everything you do.

Beyond waiting for the servers to come back up, the file to become available again if it's be banned about the only thing you can do go to the authors site and see if you can download it there.

If you don't have a local copy on your PC.
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