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So. Last night at 630 I decide to go to Zachs, a bar/restaurant about 3 minutes from me. I end up talking to guy from Boston. Cool guy, possibly drunk? He asks about a good singles bar and strip clubs. Good convo with the guy, but he his all over the place. I learned a lot about him in an half hour.

Then, all of a sudden, this big group of people comes in wearing neon green shirts. I forget what is printed on them? Two ladies from the group end up talking to me and say they are going from bar to bar to collect money to go to Africa. The next thing you know I'm being "kidnapped".

So there I am on one of two buses going bar to bar to collect money for some of these people to go to Africa. Most are drunk, like me. I don't know anyone I'm with. Any bar I go to I don't know anyone as I just moved here. All this time I'm out I have work in the morning and have to be up at 530a. I stopped the drinking of alcohol and started drinking LOTS of water. I couldn't risk showing up to work tipsy again. No, I'm not alcoholic LOL!

I ended up not getting home until 2a and was up at 530a. Oh...turns out they were doctors and nurses. Some are going to Madagascar to operate on kids with clubbed feet. The end.
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