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Since this post, I sold my G1 and bought an iphone 1st gen on ebay which I unlocked to use with my tmobile account.
Anyway, to me, being "obvious" doesn't mean that you notice the difference when the two things being compared are not in the same room.
For example, did you ever shop for a diamond ring before? The difference in color between one ring and the other might be worth several hundred dollars, yet if you don't compare them to a white card, you can't really notice the difference. yet when you do compare them to a white card the difference is "obvious" except to color blind people.

The human brain, and the way we see things is very good at adapting to various circumstances. This is why, when I watched my wedding video in SVHS way back when it was first filmed..I thought it was pretty good quality video. But now, when I look at it, after having become used to 1080p video, I am appalled at how terrible the quality was.

What was upsetting me the most is not that you guys can't see the difference, but what about all these so called reviewers? These reviewers have both phones don't they? I mean if they don't have an iphone to compare the new phones to then they should do something else for a living.

by the way, I put the pictures up on picasaweb,and used the built-in browsers to browse the pictures.

whatever the display difference...the iphone os must have a better way of dithering pictures to look good on 16bit displays. Someone can say there is no difference, and no I won't accept that. But if you want to say that you can't tell the difference...well I will accept that I'm not sure if I wish I was like you and also couldn't tell the difference....I mean, they say ignorance is bliss...but that's a philosophical question...still it would mean I'd be happy with the G1 and wouldn't have switched and wasted money...hmmm
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