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Default Block Story -> Minecraft like RPG

Hi everyone,

My partner and I are developing a game for Android called Block Story. It is going to be an RPG game similar to Minecraft and Infiniminer only faster, prettier and funner . Currently it is in alpha, but it is coming into shape rather quickly.

We want people to test it on their phones, so please head over here to try it for yourself and give us feedback. Specifically, it would be great if you try it with different settings and report back FPS (lower left corner) along with your phone description. Thanks.

Features already implemented:
  • Endless world in all directions, even up and down
  • Super fast, works well even on arm6 phones
  • floating islands
  • Interconnected cave system that extends for kilometers
  • Beautiful water
  • Colored lights
  • Day/night cycle
  • Snow up in the mountains
  • Digging and placing blocks

Features in the pipeline:
  • Monsters
  • Game saving and loading
  • Hell, dig deep and you can find hell
  • Leveling and skills
  • World sharing so you can upload your world to our web site and people can search, vote, comment on and download worlds
  • Many more (open for ideas).

Here are some screenshots.

Version 2.2 beta is available now:

Version 2.2
  • Bodacious new GUI, based on the fantastic NGUI framework.
  • Now you can open inventory, and keep playing. Perfect for building since you can quickly switch between different items quickly and without fuss.
  • Sliders in settings page are easier to hit and easier to read.
  • The settings background is transparent. When you adjust sliders, you can see the effects immediately, as well as how it affects fps.
  • Completelly rewritten from scratch collision detection system. Now player cannot fall through the ground (I call upon all beta testers to break it). This rework was necessary in order to have monsters.
  • I get around 60% more FPS now in my phone. Will see what testers report.
  • Stars are back at night
  • Added a planet to night skybox
  • Now we can have fog even on dynamic sky. Configuration is simplified to a simple slider for fog density. Set it to 0 for maximum performance.
  • Dynamic, vs foggy vs simple sky is gone. Now there is a simple sky quality slider that trades speed for quality.
  • Building at your feet should work better now.
  • Improved rock, ore and leafs textures.
  • We have our first monster.

Version 1.5
  • Multilingual support. Now translated to English, Spanish and Russian. If you speak other languages and want to see this game speak your language, drop me a note, it just takes 5 mins to translate.
  • Player can no longer spawn inside a mountain
  • Fixed glitches with placing blocks. Hint: Try placing a block at your feet.
  • Much faster digging and block placing.
  • New game screen now comforms to the the theme.
  • Awesome level up animation
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