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Originally Posted by wake69 View Post
I would put my 3d up against any current device in terms of performance and battery life. .
That wouldnt be a good idea considering HTC has the worst battery life out of all smartphones ive ever used. And the xynos definitely wouldn't be out performed by the 3D. Now don't get me wrong the 3D is a nice phone, but...NO lol. There is a reason the GS2 was voted the best smartphone last year by pretty much EVERY blog and it wasn't just because they didn't like the 3D. It's just a better phone.. to me anyways and I owned both.

Performance wise, HTC phones would fare better if they would make that bloated overlay known as sense optional to uninstall without having to root. It slows the hell out of the phone and uses way too many resources. Yea, you can root and use a sense free rom but then you have to sacrifice losing some type of functionality since HTC refuses to give out the source code at this point. Even if you opt to use another launcher sense is still there. A lot of people may not like touchwiz but it most definitely doesn't bog the phone like sense does.

And then there's the cameras... horrible. The quality of the pics is bad even with the Amaze camera mod, it just makes it a little better than what it was. I guess HTC finally got the hint that their cameras sucked and upped the ante with the HTC One, but then they went backwards by making the battery (which is still too small btw) not removable. The battery life of HTC phones is a black eye for most... carrying around spare batteries, chargers or having to flash this kernel or that kernel just to get 8 hours is unacceptable. Fortunately, I don't have that problem anymore.

Every phone i've had since the vogue has been an HTC phone but I just got fed up with the 3D. Fed up from having to charge my phone up at noon when I was barely using it, etc etc. Fed up with not being able to remove sense without losing 4G/3D/etc etc. When they figure out they need to add at least a 2500 mah battery, make sense removable or at least start releasing the source code within a timely manner ill come back because I actually like their phones. But I just can't stand for the fact of what I have to do to make it through the day anymore.
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