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Originally Posted by tCizzler View Post
OK so the weird part is that even after i got the installation aborted prompt, i rebooted and seem to have root. I have the SU app and all of my apps that use root are currently working. So my question is, should i leave it alone? or try steps 21-26 to see if i can get it to run through correctly?

if you want to,you can. tho if you have working root apps and superuser is granting things permissions when you allow it to,sounds like you are rooted not sure why youd get the error message,and have it work at the same time,but rooted is rooted

Originally Posted by thornev View Post
Your previous post said all I had to do is put back the stock recovery. Now you're saying I have to ensure the updater scripts are installed and that the firmware version is the OTA's expected version. Well, sir, looks like I'm back to doing what I said I did for the .11 update: running the RUUxxx.exe. Oh well. It was exciting while it lasted.
sorry if i confused you,my oversimplified "reinstall stock recovery" direction was assuming that you were running a stock rom,and also that it was fairly common knowledge that custom roms are typically modified to protect the user from unwanted OTAs.

if youre running custom roms,the benefits of an update from htc/vzw are going to mainly be from firmware(new radio,hboot,etc) as we can easily flash new custom roms in recovery to take advantage of any software updates. *if* we lived in a perfect world wed be s-off and have the option to install the updated,allready rooted rom via recovery, and the updated radio in an unsigned file via hboot. but alas... we live here in crappy unlocked s-on land where things are more difficult and we need to be more creative.

without any over simplifying this time,to get updated firmware these are the methods i can think of off the top of my head:

when stock:
1)lock and run current RUU prior to OTA, so OTA occurs
2)lock and run RUU for OTA after the fact
3)keep stock recovcery on phone,let OTA happen.

all 3 are going to require re-rooting afterward. #3 has the advantage of letting the user keep his data,downloaded apps and settings,making life alot easier than someone whose chosen 1 or 2

when running custom roms:
1)lock and run current RUU prior to OTA, so OTA occurs
2)lock and run RUU for OTA after the fact
3)restore a (mostly)unmolested stock backup. replace recovery with stock,if running custom recovery
4)flash a stock rom(such as this one from scossler ). replace recovery with stock if running custom recovery

all should work,provided or any other important files have not been modified to prevent OTAs in the backup restored,or rom flashed. if youre just going to flash a custom rom anyway,there is not a whole lot of point IMO to 1,3,or 4 as all youre really wanting is new firmware-youre OTAing to software that youre just going to change.

while i put my phone thru alot of "abuse" () so i know how it will react to things,i generally try and reccomend folks to flash important things like bootloaders and radios as little as possible(especially when s-offed). running RUUs is generally very safe,as its signed files being installed,but there are small chances that different things could happen to interupt transfer of files during an hboot/radio flash wich could well leave the phone permanently hard bricked: phone could fall,spitting out battery. power could go off,killing the PC. your dog could jump on the desk,pulling the USB out of PC. yeah,somewhat far-fetched,but you get the picture-any of those things could happen,so the fewer things that affect hboot and radios that we flash,IMO,the better.

if youre running custom roms and accustomed to re-setting up your phone,then #2 may be your best option to obtain new firmware,as it will only require the one RUU flash. tho,you will have to relock and re-unlock to do it.

heck,it could be that the next OTA will be minor(not ICS) and therefor not contain any firmware. if there is no new hboot,radio,etc,there would be no value in even trying to get the OTA. simply flash a new rom based on the new software in recovery.

hope that helps clear it up some so you dont have to renounce your disciple status i see you doing alot of good and helping out alot of folks here,i dont want to cause you any fustration.

Originally Posted by Aremihc View Post
Started over on my netbook and it worked fine, so I'm assuming it's some sort of driver issue.
awsome! glad you got it
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