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I think that a deleted post asked why do we care when the update happen?? I want to answer that. Easy, we bought an electronic device that has features on it. ICS brings with it new features, along with possibly less bugs. We were promised by Google that the ICS update would happen within weeks of November 2011 release.

Sure, we all have a life. But, i do care about keeping my electronic device that i rely on for both business and pleasure up to date. (Actually, my wife is with the Nexus.) Why would we accept broken promises (Google experience, timely updates, and ICS before anyone else etc.) on something that we paid for (and still paying for via contract)?? We CHOSE Nexus S because of what Google promised over other brands. And lets face it, 2.3 + Nexus S have issues at the present time that needs attention.

Should we just sit back and take it up the behind...and smile? Sorry, i refuse to be taken for an idiot by Google. And the only way Google feels the heat is if we don't buy their phone. And i plan on doing that...but that's just me. (And yeah, if Apple or Windows pull this on me, then i would feel the same.) Failed promises in business is pure failure.

In real life buisness, when you promise to do something (of significance) and don't deliver, what happens to the customers? In banking? In grocery stores? At your doctor's office? If your doctor promise to do a test or give you the result of one but bails out, then you should just wait for that doctor to come around?
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