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Default Android Forums FAQ

Welcome to Android Forums This thread is for a general FAQ on how to use the different parts of our forums. Regardless if this is your first time on a forum or you have been a member of various forums if you need help with something about the forum we hope you can find it here. If you can't then you can contact one of our guides or moderators and they should be able to help you further or you can create a thread in our FAQ forums. Also please be sure to read over the site rules and guidelines.

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About our different types of members

Navigating and Posting in the forums

Posting Requirements

How to post a reply

How to embed a YouTube video

How To Add Images To Posts

When to use the report button

How to make a thread

How to create a poll

How to use thread tools

How to search the forums

What is a sticky

How to find all your posts/threads

How to use favorite forums

About the suggestion box and private chat with staff

User Control Panel

How to navigate to your User Control Panel

How to view and manage your profile

How to change your avatar

How to change your signature

How to send and accept friend requests

How to change your options

How to use private messaging

How to use visitor messaging

How to use the ignore list

How to toggle mobile view

Getting around and about the different sections

How to move the Subforum and Root Forum back to the top of the Page

Show/Hide Top 5 Phones and Top 5 Tablets
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