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Originally Posted by Thai View Post
As my iPhone (and every iPhone before it) is getting iOS 5.1 all at the same time, i wonder what could have been with Google.... ICS is not even "official" yet for GN since people claim that it is in beta form! Seriously?!
As a CDMA user you have to keep in mind that updates from a manufacturer or even Google will typically go through the carrier before they get to the end user. This is mostly done for network testing and to make sure that nothing gets thrown off due to the update. With GSM phones the network is pretty universal so updates can go out right away as long as they work for one they should work for everyone else. If your phone uses Wimax then it probably throws another wrench into things and the testing phase could take longer. Now, I say all of this under the assumption that Sprint operates the same way that Verizon and most of the Asian CDMA carriers do. I know it is a bit different for Apple as well since they do all of their updates via iTunes.
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