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Originally Posted by Rico ANDROID View Post
Gmash, this is so sad. Its what weve evolved into today. The majority of us alive today are born into this type of economh where we are practically "conditioned" to accept not questioning where oir food comes from, bit rather,be more worried about its risi g prices.

notice you cant even smell the fruit in the air when walking into a supermarket? One thing I distinctly remember as a todler, was , when my mom took me to the store with her, I would literally smell the apples, bananas, pineapples, and yes, LEMON in the air...either its my sinus or theres no natural aromas today.

Now I dont WANT to think about ground beef anymore. Definitely the corporations and big business has "governed" what we eat these days and it is all for $$$$$$$$.

Sad is exactly the emotion I felt after watching that movie. Sad for our country that we have gotten to the point that it is so hard to even know what is going on anymore. How many people know that Monsanto invented a genetically modified soybean seed that is resistant to Roundup (also invented by Monsanto), strong armed every soybean farmer into using it, and sued any holdouts out of existence? How many people know that most of the chicken we eat are raised in giant dark buildings and literally never see sunlight their whole lives? Or that they raise them to grow so fast and so big that some of them cannot even stand up because their legs won't support them? Who would know these things, and really, why would they? But it just makes you feel really sad and helpless when you realize this is just the tip of the iceberg of what's going on in the world all around us without most of us even noticing. It just makes you feel like giving up sometimes, because what can we really do about it?
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