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Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
That's really all you can do, and they do mention it at the end of Food Inc, is try to buy locally from small independent farms. Sadly that's not really realistic for a lot of people, and as you mentioned, trying to buy "organic" is expensive. I can see us heading toward becoming like the humans in "Wall-E".
Now thats scary but a reality (Wall-E). What really got me to the point of not beieciing FDA iare their ever contradicting "studies" and the millions spent. One study, eggs are good for you, then the next study "eggs are bad for you".. An g' when the news report these studies, they NEVER make a follow up comment like "just weeks ago,we reported otherwise"....almostlie they are instructed to not do so and make it sound like it was the first timesuch announceent wew made.

One thing I am convinced of is, we only hear what they want us to hear..ibet a LOT is kept silent from the public
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