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Default XT532 Experience

Originally Posted by chamaruco View Post
no, back button lags only if you don't hold the phone (i.e. on table)with your hand
I gathered that, but why does Home or Search button work when the phone is on the table? I cant see any reason why only back button should behave like that?

A feedback on my experience in XT532 so far:

After months of wait, discussions, trialling V350 (and eventually returning the handset), following this thread - I got Motorola XT532 for a week now.

My decision to buy XT532 was based on:

Size: 3.5", better build, comfortable size to hold in pocket/hand
Price: Big difference to U960

I have been using HTC Desire and Desire S and I knew I wont get similar screen or performance, but pleased I dont have to carry two phones now!

In short - I am pleased with the phone - if not overjoyed!
- Good build, looks decent, back cover looks professional
- Dual sim functionality works well (with a caveat described later)
- WCDMA + GSM is fine and easy to switch between SIMs for data
- Screen resolution is decent
- Internal memory is ok (but not sufficient as I had to move many apps to SD card)
- No lock-ups so far but phone has run a bit slow on rare occasions

In general, pleased with the purchase. Two things are bothering at the moment and one seems to be rather serious.

1. In my excitement, I accidentally deleted deskclock.apk (I think) from /system/app . Since then I have not been able to set alarm. I downloaded some widgets and clock works fine but trying to set alarm gives error " has stopped unexpectedly". Can anyone please help how I can fix this? I downloaded some deskclock.apk and installed but to no avail as I think the apk must be linked to the firmware? Could anyone please email me the apk from their phone?

2. Secondly, and more worryingly - the GSM SIM (SIM 2) goes out of reach now and again. It is a O2, UK SIM and if I dial from another phone the message I get is "it is not been possible to connect your call, please try again later". What I sense is that something is happening on the phone/network so that instead of going to voice message, it makes the announcement as above. There is no visible pattern when the signal bar on the status bar disappears. I have not contacted Motorola or O2 yet but was hoping others may have faced the same problem and may have a resolution.

Point 2 is worrying but am sure I can fix both. Assuming they are fixed, I would be happy to recommend the phone.
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