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Originally Posted by mjbarry View Post
What ever company that does the codes for the Commando C771 operating system made it almost humanly impossible to root the phone after this last so called upgrade. They did not write 5megs of extra code for their health, that is for sure. Those codes where made in such a way that it covered all the bases for anyone trying to make the phone operate differently. You best believe, those people where paid quite will to prevent this from happening again. That you can take to the bank.

If someone does manage to root the m100 upgrade it will be short lived, but I doubt that will happen. That being said, I do hope some people will work together and break the code, I beleive that it is going to have to be a group effort to break the code to the m100 upgrade so it can be rooted. We will see what happens in the future.
Umm, the 5mb difference is in the kernel source code, not all of the code, and zergRush wasn't a Kernel exploit.

5mb of difference could be literally a metric sh*t ton of differences in the code, or they might've removed some extraneous files.

Exploits are quite hard to patch if you don't know about them (see windows and their near constant release of security patches. They patched (any) old holes, but any new ones have about a 100% chance of not being patched yet, because people haven't found 'em yet.

In order to kill of an exploit, a firmware update is needed, so the answer is, once somebody figures it a new root, freeze innopath. No more updates until you want them.
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