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Originally Posted by wallaceff View Post
This forum has been very useful. I'm looking for a bit more help though, or even a slightly alternative app, or perhaps even an extension of PhoneLeash..

Essentially, I sometimes travel abroad and I use a different sim card when I do. I have a spare android phone at home, and I'm thinking that perhaps I could set up phoneleash to forward my missed calls etc to my other phone number while I'm away.
I'm looking for my cheapest option. So far, phoneleash can forward to an email address (I use hotmail, but could just as easily use gmail for example). I'm looking for a way for the forwarded email sms messages to end up in my android sms inbox, with the contacts name, time, message etc. Basically, I think it would need an app to somehow import the emails into the android inbox. Is this possible? That way, I could either reply from my overseas number, or use something like WebSMS/TextFish (or similar) to reply to the message using my phone, and its almost like everything is integrated and very cheap.

I would gladly pay for this integration.
Any thoughts?
Hello - First I want to make sure you know that PhoneLeash can forward to an SMS destination as well (and not just an email address). So you can simply forward texts from your home Android to your travel Android. You'll get name, number, time etc in the message content, but it will show up as coming from your home number (so not a 100% mirror - MirrorLeash - there's an idea!). And yes, you can set the forwarding number remotely _after_ you have bought the travel SIM.

Of course this will cost you $$ or your texting quota, possibly on both phones. I am working on cloud-based forwarding (apart from the current email and SMS options) that will only use the data connection, but this may require an app on the receiving device (more complex, therefore less elegant).

Hope there's a useful answer somewhere in all this - else let me know!

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