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Originally Posted by fuzzyreets View Post
I'm with you. I loved the Skyrocket when I had it. I returned it to get the HD version which is taking much longer to arrive than expected. I wonder if I should wait for the HTC One X at this point or the S3. Decisions decisions.
I was evaluating to get HTC One X instead of Skyrocket HD but decided in favor of Skyrocket HD for 2 reasons

* Battery is embedded in HTC One X. All reports so far indicate that Skyrocket HD will have user-replacable battery. All phones pretty much have battery working at a substantially reduced capacity after 1 year or so and I would want to replace the battery completely at that time. Sounds like not possible with HTC One X.
* HTC One X's Super LCD 2 screen is more power hungry and early reports indicate that it is not as good as Super AMOLED Plus (this is still debatable until we see both these devices). I am going with Skyrocket HD just for the lower display power usage.

Also, given that HTC One X's AT&T version will not have quad core, it is looking no better than Skyrocket HD in CPU processing.

Another reason, for me, is that I hate HTC's Sense but can live with Samsung's own skin (whatever it is called).

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