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Originally Posted by trparky View Post
Their CDMA network is being overloaded, that's why they have been doing this throttling to their users who are over 3 GBs of data usage on their Unlimited data plans.

Most likely the tower that you're on is saturated. Is there a way for you to test to see if you are being throttled on another tower?

Yes, they are trying to move their users to their new 4G LTE network. The offer of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the example of them trying to do so. LTE has a lot more bandwidth available for users to use, somewhere around a maximum of 15 to 20 Mbps whereas CDMA tops out at 3 Mbps shared among all users on the tower, you can easily see the network constraints here.
if that were the case wouldnt verizon want to fully expand their lte speeds as fast as possible?
i think it is safe to assume that vzw has the money to get running in all areas they have 3g by adding extra workload for employees, or more employees, they will shell out some bucks but be worth the hassle.

i currently own a galaxy nexus and im in a 3G only area, and will be for quite some time (4G is all around my town but not in mine, strange...)
and im not being throttled at all. granted sims isnt in a 4g area, but why would he be throttled at 3 gb of data? it actually makes no sense why he is being throttled when he isnt a high tiered data user. i doubt the tower that he is at is causing this issue, it wouldnt make any sense. but thats just how i see it.
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