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Originally Posted by soba1 View Post
I don't care about customization so much on tablets....
The screen on the ipad 3 is rumored to be an LCD...
here are the screen specs...

reportedly testing suppliers' current shipments of 2048 x 1536 resolution 9.7-inch displays. Now that iBooks 2 has been launched (as of 19 January 2012
Originally Posted by soba1 View Post
I did more research over the weekend.....
I looked at the amount of apps on the ipad wow.
I read the specs of the ipad3 possibly quad core.
The pixel density will be off the charts.
Lack of customization does not bother me so much on the
ipad as I do not change up my tablet much. I am more of a heavy
gamer web browser and ereader kinda user.......
Android phone I'm staying with but tablets thats a different story
For a heavy gamer, and web browsing then the new ipad is the better choice, gaming is quite limited on andriod tablets.

I've been using a friend's Ipad2 for the a couple of days and I must say the tablet specific applications are significantly better, andriod only has phone applications stretched out just to fill up the screen. I'll probably return my Tab7.7 due to the screen issues and will probably grab an ipad.
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