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Default Echo problem

I read all about the echo problem whilst awaiting delivery of my SG2. When I got it up and running there was the problem! No cases at this point and yes the DNR worked but left me with a lot of static on my end of the conversation and did not cure the muffled sound on the callers end. Having bought it from Amazon it was no problem to exchange it but the new one had the same problem at times - by now I had a case and again it made no difference whether the case was on or not - bad with or without and good with or without. At one point I did notice that the problem coincided with the battery being low but I have yet to replicate this - so not conclusive. I did reset to factory settings and also had to remove and reinsert the sim card (a 3 one) and for now all seems well. If the problem reoccurs I will ask for a new sim card and reset to factory settings again (easy since I synchronize with gmail and the rest of my stuff is on a +60GB micro sim card). I find it difficult to believe that this is a hardware issue otherwise the problem would happen all the time or consistently? Otherwise the phone is brilliant although I do miss several items which were built in to my N95 8GB:
- when connecting to the web the N95 always gave me the choice between wifi and 3G (quite important given the potential data usage) just before connecting.
- the much better speakers (for playing music) on the N95.
- the much better calculator (complete with conversions) on the N95.
- the much easier access to task manager.

Having said all that the SG2 is a wonderful device and I'm glad to have chosen it.
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