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Well, for my change. I actually took a different route, and it was even worse than last time. Just for reference, we're talking traveling from the Binghamton, NY area, to just outside Milford, PA. The last time I went down, I took Route 81 south to Scranton, then 84 East. Service was fine until approximately a half hour from Milford on 84. THIS time, I took 191, and 6, etc, from the NY border, a straight shot down through lesser areas. And I lost phone and text service damn near as soon as I hit PA. Never regained it until coming back (I took the 84/81 route), again, about a half hour onto 84, then my phone lit up like a christmas tree.

However, Data still worked. I was able to sit on Facebook messenger app, and browse, and anything ELSE data related. But calls would not work, nor would texts. It's a little disheartening, since I thought the last time, that it was just that immediate area surrounding Milford. Turns out, it's a LOT larger of an area now.

And, just like last time, it's only the 4G phone that's affected. Everyone else with both 3G smartphones, and Basic Phones, had no interruption of service. So, now with a much-larger frame, I'll be contacting tech support yet again, if for nothing else, to keep them updated that while 4G is great, there are major gaps where suddenly 4G users simply can't use their phones.

I'll also add, that my phone DID try a *22899, failed, and then gave me my activation screen. I also do have data roaming checked, though I'm sure that's why I was able to still get data. Had it not been checked, it probably would've failed that too. I was also set to CDMA only, (have been since day 1), so it wouldn't have been a 4G handoff issue. Plus, that route down that I took doesn't hit any 4G areas anyway.

Frustrating, especially when a POS tracfone sitting next to me can call out all day long. I mean, I'm all for latest and greatest, and I know it's not really Verizon's fault so much as I think it's that other carrier in the area, but I'm glad I didn't break down anywhere. I don't think I can get a hold of roadside assistance via facebook...
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