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Default Father's HTC Mytouch is just as shitty.

So It would be cool if anyone could tell me about this problem. I've always owned iPhones since they came out and I've never had a problem I couldn't fix in about 5 minutes. And it was normally syncing issues because my PC was a piece of shit. Well, Me being an obvious Apple person, I don't really care much for droid products. My father has the HTC MyTouch 4G and he has a ridiculous list as well. For one, When I call him, it never goes through. We've sat in the same room together and I've called him with him standing on the other side of the room. On my end, it rings once or twice then goes straight to voicemail. His phone will never ring. He doesn't have texting, which is probably good with all the stuff I've seen you guys post about it, but this is his business phone. I checked his phone and he's had 74 voicemails hit at once. Half of those voicemails are probably over a week old. Think of the customers that could have tried to call him and they think he's ignoring them. He wants to cancel his T-mobile plan and get a straight talk phone, but seeing as they made him pay $300 or so on his phone, if he cancels it, they're going to try to hit him with $300 for the phone payment and another $300 to cancel the contract. T-mobile lied to him for one, They said he lived in a 4G hot spot, which is absolute bull. I'm AT&T and My service picks up 10x better than his. He barely has 2 bars, ever. Also, if he has wifi turned on and they're isn't wifi in the area, he can't do anything that requires cell towers or the internet. My phone always has wifi turned on and if there isn't wifi in the area, it runs off of the towers automatically. I thought that flaw was pretty ridiculous. Sometimes his phone just says "NO SERVICE". He drove around town to do stuff and not once did it pick up service. He didn't have his phone working for about 3 days before he came over and had me fix it. I had to restart it about 3 times and then completely shut it off 3 times before it responded to the service again. (keep in mind, he's not very tech savvy and because I don't know the general layout of his phone, I can't give him directions over the phone. And because droid phones are so.... "unique" -rolls eyes- That if you have a problem, good luck finding a fix on the internet, because even if you're not the only one, there are 300 ways to fix the problem and only one way works for you and another way works for someone else.)

So basically, my problem is that If I need to get ahold of my dad, I have to call from another number,and then it MIGHT pick up.
When he calls people, if they don't pick up right away, they're not getting through again. I left my aunt a voicemail on his phone because I left my phone at home and when I called her on my phone a couple days later, she answered right away and said she never got a voicemail. He's deadset on blaming her house phone even though I've left him probably at least 40 messages that he's never received. He won't believe me either, and then I show him my call log his only response is "WELL IT'S THIS CRAPPY PHONE."

So yea, he wants to complain about his phone but won't get his cut off because it's going to be a slap-in-the-face $600 fee. So anyone know how to fix his phone?

Also, I've restored it about 4 times. doesn't help. Oh, his flash on his camera just stops working half the time. But that's been fixed by restarting the phone.
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