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I just spoke with someone and told them about the problems, and that I've gathered with a group of people who have the same problems. I told him the only choices given to us are to return phones at our expense and that this wasn't right and I wanted to break that cycle. I will talk to a supervisor during business hours tomorrow. So we'll see what I can do, but I'm working my way up the ladder. If you talk to them please be polite because people just shut you out and don't listen when people get testy.

It will greatly help me if you can send in your temperature screen shots. The fastest way to get the phone to heat up is playing a 3d game, then letting it run on battery for like 1/2 hour. I'm interested in shots >40C/104F so when I talk to them I can show them proof that it's a problem for more than just myself.

If you have dead space, set your phone to display shut off @ 30 mins, start the game, get killed by a few monsters (like 2 or 3), leave it at the red screen that says retry/continue. I used 'cool tool' to show the temp like my screenshot. Do this on battery as using it plugged in makes it run cooler because the battery isn't doing all the work. I used screenshot ER to take the screenshot.
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