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I've had 12 total replacements. Yes, 12. I kept having so many problems. After the seventh one, they told me that they'd send me a class A, which is the best of the classes if you didnt know, but I'd get them in the mail and they would all say class C. Every single one of them had a problem, some better and some worse.

I called them once more after sending the problem phones back and they admitted to me they were sending me class C phones, not class A. I asked to talk to a supervisor and he authorized them to FINALLY send me a class A because they kept lying. They finally did. This is my current phone and the only problem it has is the screen flickering. But wow, was it hard to get a working phone. The supervisor told me that he had no idea why they were telling me they'd send a class A, but sent me C instead. Problems with all were .....

- White screen/screen washout and flicker
-GPS not locking no matter how long it was left on.
-Very bad buzzing in ear piece
-Locking up and rebooting
-Charger port not working(it was twisted sideways when I got it)
-Dead pixels all over the screen.
-Camera click when focusing
-Extremely bad signal. (I've had enough to notice that some triumphs actually do get better signal than others. And yes, I've looked at dBm and not signal bars. It varied a lot)
-Light leaking.

I've had mostly all the problems people mentioned. lol. Every phone I had was tested very thoroughly. I tested with stock, Tickers CM7, and MIUI. Some problems went away. However, each phone that had the screen flicker problem stayed with whatever ROM I tested. My current one has that and it bothers me so much. Haven't seen a white screen yet though.
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