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Originally Posted by spidercles View Post
Thanks so much for this, worked perfectly.

A bit off topic, but about only being able to move downloaded apps over...
I've moved everything I can and still only have 26ishmb left. (out of 124) Aren't the preinstalled apps meant to be on a separate partition? Or are they hogging my internal space. I don't have any photos/music on the internal, I only have 100ish contacts, only have 50txts, no multimedia ones... What am I missing? I can't get any new apps and can't apply updates cos of this measly 20mb storage.

I know I can fix this further by rooting, but I'm worried about screwing up the phone/voiding warantee as I'm only novice at technical things like this.
Check under all applications whether contacts storage and internet (the default browser) are using too much space... in my case the contacts had all my facebook friends profiles downloaded consuming around 10MB of space..i stopped syncing them, just the actual contacts that mean something to me and the number has dropped to 3mb,
furthermore i use dolphin browser but still the 'internet' app had around 5MB consumed which i again retrieved. you can also run the low storage wizard to clear up all caches.
one more thing have you updated to the latest 2.3.5? asking this because i must've gained around 30MB just after updating.
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