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Originally Posted by SimsDelt View Post
We have reached an agreement. After calling again today and being disconnected I finally got through and spoke to a supervisor named Jason. We went back and forth and finally reached an agreement on upgrading me to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for a significantly lower price. He understood my plight and was inclined to work his way of helping me. I will not say how he did it but he had to work a little supervisor magic to get it done. I will receive my phone tomorrow and will not have to worry about being throttled anymore, even though I do not have 4G in my area.

I just kept vigillant and stuck to my guns. When I explained that even though I would be upgrading to a 4G phone I would still be on the 3G network around my area and therefore would be on the same exact network I was being throttled on now but with a shiny new phone... he saw what I was trying to say when I said it was extortion that I had to pay more(new phone) to be on the same network I'm on now just without having to worry about throttling.

BTW the contract does say that after February 2011, all 3g phones are throttled above 2gb of data, that includes streaming videos. It's a ploy to get people on their 4G network. So glad this worked out for you!!!!

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