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Other than having to get a replacement (original was overheating and cycling on and off throughout the day), and a few dust particles inside the bottom right of the screen, I've had the Incredible for 21 months and still going strong.

What I noticed, though, is something happened with Power Widget. Before, I used to just hit the GPS button and it would turn on. Now, when I hit the button, it takes me to 'Location Setting' and I have to check 'VZW Location Services' and 'Standalone GPS Services'. Really annoying and inconvenient for what it's supposed to do.

I've been running it completely nekkid; no screen protector (I prefer the smooth feel) or case since I'm running the OEM extended battery and the XWAY holder. It's got a few scratches on the screen here and there, but nothing major. Running OEM GB with the patch (I had to do a factory reset to do so, no biggie); not rooted, but running GoLauncher and Widgetlocker.

With that said, I've been looking at the Nexus as I'm eligible for an upgrade, but I'm just way too comfortable with my Incredible. It's my very first smart phone, after all. That, and the 'extended battery' for the Nexus is a little pathetic. I can run my Incredible for 2 days on light to moderate use on a single charge.

My sister and both my parents upgraded to iPhones already. No thanks, I love my free maps/navigation on mine I think I'm going to run this thing into the ground until, as most of you said, something else WOW's me.
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