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Originally Posted by MARe0 View Post
I can't believe that no one in any of these posts has figured out the REAL SOLUTION for this problem (that yes I also have been wrestling with for the last 3 mos.) which is to BUY A NEW PHONE! That was the whole idea for the update! My phone worked fine for about a whole year! I used to tell everyone it was "INCREDIBLE" and there were no SYSTEM updates going on the whole time. I even had extensive data for expensive 3rd party software stored mostly on the SD card, which by the way I use to have the choice of moving data to SD card OR to PHONE MEMORY through the phone settings. Now since the upgrade, the option button for "Move To SD Card" are still there for most of my apps. but they are GREYED OUT! ALSO, they call it a "SYSTEM UPDATE" when in fact it SNEAKINGLY downloaded "Amazon MP3" . THIS IS AN APP. NOT A SYSTEM OR OS!!! Also, there is no way to delete/remove THIS APP except possibly through "ROOTING" which you will not get any help with from and are cautioned away from by VZW Co.
When I stopped in to the local VZW Co. Store during the Holidays ( Wierdly enough, it seemed like a GHOST TOWN there, especially for being 1 wk. before Christmas! ) and asked a rep. why I couldn't remove "MP3" App, he said it was because they're IN CAHOOTS with or UNDER LICENSE with HTC (AND YOU KNOW VZW PULLS ALL THE STRINGS! ) and that if you go deeply into the LEGAL MUMBO-JUMBO, you'll more or less find out, THEY OWN THE PHONE and CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT TO!
The BEST thing we all have to do IS GET A "CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT" against VZW or/and HTC! VZW has been getting into A LOT OF TROUBLE LATELY, with a few lawsuits for other MONEY GRABBING SCHEMES, over the last 2 years. Remember I said that at what should have been one of the busiest nights, 1 wk. before Christmas, there was no other customers in the store but me!!! THEY'RE MESSIN WIT US CAUSE THEY'RE TRYIN TO SELL PHONES!!! WAKE UP!!!
OK, I have my tin foil hat on, what now?
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