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Hmm... I've been with VMU for something like eight years now.

date unknown: Kyocera Supermodel (blue backlight and cavern crawl )
date unknown: Kyocera Oystr (PoS, I think I gave it to dad)
Christmas 2007: Kyocera Cyclops (favourite non-smart phone I've owned, but then I threw it across the room in anger at my then-girlfriend and caused the earpiece speaker to stop working)
September 2009: UTStarcom Shuttle (PoS, finally got rid of it because the charging connector broke and I was getting tired of resoldering it)
Christmas 2010: LG Rumour Touch (Sister has this now)
March 2011: LG Optimus V (Mom will be getting this soon)
February 2012: Motorola Triumph (bought this the day after my roommate got her Droid 4)

Overall I can say I miss my Cyclops and Rumour Touch a little and my OV a little more than that.

My mom and sister have been on VMU a long time too:
Kyocera Party Animal (spilled diet coke on it)
Kyocera Oystr (screen randomly died)
LG Flare (quit receiving signal)
Samsung Mantra (dunno what happened to this one)
Kyocera S2100 (current)
(soon to be brought kicking and screaming into the 21st century with an Optimus V)

Audiovox Flasher (I bought this used and gave it to her)
LG Rumour Touch (my old one)
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