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Originally Posted by oOMavrikOo View Post
My wife and I are coming over from Sprint and need to do so by this weekend in order to keep our numbers. I'm looking at the GNex and RAZR (not MAXX) on Amazon and Wirefly. The RAZR was just reduced to $35 on a two year contract. I really want the GNex and ICS, but it's priced at $99. We don't want to spend alot on phones since we're already taking a jump in the monthly bill. My wife just want a 4G phone and to be off of Sprint. I'm either going to get the GNex and her a Bionic (free this weekend), or two RAZRs... What should I do?
Of All of Verizons current offerings, I'd take a Gnex or Rezound. Both have developer support with great roms. Much better than stock. Increased battery life etc. Between the Razr and Bionic, get the Razr. Better phone.

You get stock ICS on GNex, and you can install really good working ICS Roms on the Rezound. The RAZR is at the mercy of Motorola, probably without ICS till this summer at the earliest. There is NO development for the RAZR.

The rezound has a better 4G Radio than the GNEX. I have no experience with the motorola radio.

I don't think We will see a quad core phone probably till late summer.
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