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Default same bad droid 4 battery experience

I am having the same experience with the droid 4. I can never get more than 4 hours out of a charge.

Originally Posted by KBoy420 View Post
Hi Guys,

So I've had the Droid 4 for just about 2 weeks. Needed to have my first replaced because VZW determined it had a defective battery. I'm having enormous issues getting through the work day (8 hours) on a single charge.

This morning, I took the phone off the charger at 7:30am. It is now 10am and in that time, my battery has discharged 20%. I sent approx. 10-12 txt messages and looked at email for approx 10 minutes.

What I've Done To Help Battery Life:
- turned screen brightness down as low as possible
- turned off all auto-updates for social feeds and email, etc.
- turned off 4G (what's the point in a 4G phone??)
- turned off GPS & WiFi
- display timeout set to 15 seconds

I'm wondering if you other Droid 4 users are experiencing this horrible battery performance as well. My biggest concern is that if I have to charge all the time, I'm going to kill the already useless battery and then I can't even buy a new battery.

So I went out and bought a 4G phone and have basically dummed it down equal the 4 year old Blackberry that I was trying to upgrade from.

Can you guys give me any advice on what else I can do for battery performance? Or at least tell me this type of performance is "normal" for the Droid 4 so I don't feel like I have a second defective phone/battery.

Ughhhh...thank you!
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