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Originally Posted by colchiro View Post
It's probably laggy and burning thru your battery b/c you have an incompatible app using all your cpu.

Find out what doesn't work and uninstall it.

I found Droid Overclock doesn't work with ICS in a couple roms.
Ya know, that's very possible. I think I may have made that suggestion to someone else (you? ) in that other thread. That said, I reinstalled all of my apps using TiBu (not data) and was just hoping it would work as planned. It did not. Until I have time to sit and play with ICS bare bones and work it to a fully functional daily driver I'm going to play with this.

Now onto this one, this is working great. I installed it last night, plopped all of my apps back into it and it's buttery smooth. It's SO nice. I haven't been using it long enough to give a full report, but the battery life so far seems at least consistent with the other CM7 ROMs (which isn't to say it's great, but it will be ok enough to use and not feel like I'm going to get stuck somewhere). I have some time this morning so I'm going to play with it some more. Apps downloaded immediately upon boot and once I was able to hook up to a wifi signal (3G is just terrible in my house) everything was put into place perfectly.

Taking this one on the road today so I'll see how it goes and report back here in a couple of days. Pretty happy that people are still developing for this phone.
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