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It sucks that so many people are being throttled like this, especially being throttled all the time on unused towers. However there is definitely a need for it. During the day in Burlington VT, on the UVM campus I see speeds of 50-300kbps tops generally, pings go up to 500ms, usually 200 or so, and 3g is just unusable. At night at 3am, I can usually get 1mbps+ and even got over 2mbps twice on a server last night. They clearly are being overloaded to the point that I'm seeing 2g speeds at best. As a user who almost never break 2GB and usually hits around 1GB a month, I'd almost prefer more throttling on 3g since it seems to need it, and just keep 4g open for those who really need or want it, but that's only because I despise the service I'm getting now.
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