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Originally Posted by misterfamilyguy View Post
I appreciate the help. In my first post I linked a few things that will help you get the build environment set up. I have to re-set mine up. I'm mostly done unpacking now and have my puter set back up. I was looking at porting over rzrecovery to try that out. His seems like it may have a little more response from the dev. If you get your environment set up maybe we can IRC or something to work this out. A few things that were worked out by someone else in xda, sorry don't recall name for credit. When I get environment back up, supposedly if you run on the boot img, it'll output most of this, I'll do this later to verify and fill in the gap.

base kernel address=0x00200000

the boot command line=console=ttyMSM1 androidboot.hardware=lgc800 lge.rev=rev_10 lge.reboot=pwroff uart_console=disable lge.frst=flag3 lge.hreset=off androidboot.emmc=true androidboot.baseband=msm

the page size=????

the partition layout =
179 7 8192 mmcblk0p7 =boot
179 15 462848 mmcblk0p15 =system
179 16 1048576 mmcblk0p16 =data
179 17 8192 mmcblk0p17 =recovery
179 18 102400 mmcblk0p18 =cache
179 20 8192 mmcblk0p20 =lgdrm
179 21 8192 mmcblk0p21 =multimedia

Here is output from ::
Page size: 4096 (0x00001000)
Kernel size: 4026480 (0x003d7070)
Ramdisk size: 541470 (0x0008431e)
Second size: 0 (0x00000000)
Board name: 
Command line: console=ttyMSM1 androidboot.hardware=lgc800
Writing boot.img-kernel ... complete.
Writing boot.img-ramdisk.gz ... complete.
So, I think the Page size is what was referred to for rzrecovery, and I think the Command line is the correct command line for ''boot command line'' required by rzrecovery. No idead how the other person got the one before...
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