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Originally Posted by MikZ View Post
scudder: 'spelt' is the past participle of spell; Legato's only typo was 'wiht'. Just because you want to type in 'US English' doesn't mean everyone should. I've been trying to find a standard English dictionary for Swype for a year, because I'm tired of having to catch sloppy-looking US spellings whenever I use Swype. The fact that I can't download one, and the fact that I can't get a list of words in the custom dictionary, are two serious shortcomings of Swype.

P.S: You've never typed whilst drunk? Those green emoticons don't look very sober to me.
Your probably write ...I just lite of hour complaints about the random silliness of swyping and his particular mention of "drunken swyping"...that he was swyping and up popped an unwanted or very seldom used word "spelt." I actually red it as a type of "wheat" rather than the knot-sew-common tense of "spell"

And you asked if I ever typed whilst drunk?? Methinks you doth protest too much...but to answer your question, I have yet to swype sober!!

( like my purposeful homophones up their...I mean, there?? )
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