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OMG, thiz iz awesome! O.O

- HUGE performance boost, almost never drops below 15fps on MAX and average 20-25!
- Faster chunk loading
- New interface
- night sky is beutiful!!! And also like the planet!
- monsters

- Tilt option is now very bad, it spins like crazy exept on minimum, and even then it's very hard to make it work like in 1.5 version.
- Why are all ores now yellow...? I personaly liked the previous ones much better!:/
- And home screen was prettier before i think. Here's a screen shoot.
Imageshack - shot000012s.png
Imageshack - shot000001mf.png
- Also, my inventory slot is bugged i think...:/

But overall it's really great progres you made! Love it!
When i started it for first time, i played it for like half an hour strait, couldn't belive how it runs smooth now...! xD
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