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Originally Posted by Vajsmilan View Post
- Tilt option is now very bad, it spins like crazy exept on minimum, and even then it's very hard to make it work like in 1.5 version.
We overlooked something, I submitted a bug.

- Why are all ores now yellow...? I personaly liked the previous ones much better!:/
Yellow ores are only for gold. Other ores will be different. For now, all ores are yellow until we get to more ores. We will support texture packs, which people can share in our website, so this can be a matter of picking a different pack.

- And home screen was prettier before i think. Here's a screen shoot.
Imageshack - shot000012s.png
Imageshack - shot000001mf.png
I agree, I added a bug.

- Also, my inventory slot is bugged i think...:/
I added a bug, will fix soon.

But overall it's really great progres you made! Love it!
When i started it for first time, i played it for like half an hour strait, couldn't believe how it runs smooth now...! xD
Yes. there is a lot of optimization that went into this release:
  • The GUI. Even though it has more effects and animations, is significantly faster. We rewrote the whole gui using NGUI, and it alone is responsible for at least 5fps extra in my phone.
  • Loading chunks is faster now. I avoided a costly unity function I was using before
  • Optimized shaders, particularly for skybox.
  • Rewritten collision detection is optimized for rectilinear terrain. No longer using unity's collision detection.

On every single release, I keep thinking I cannot possibly optimize this further, but every single time I find something else. I have this sensation again, I think I reached the end of the road, hopefully I will prove myself wrong again
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